Take part in our Week of Action for animals in aquariums!

Get involved in our Week of Action for animals in aquariums!

14th – 20th August 2017

Aquatic animals like fish, octopus, crabs and turtles, are largely overlooked in wider campaigns on the zoo industry, however, they are just as deserving of our concern as other sentient beings.

In captivity, their life of the ocean becomes one lived in a tank. A sad existence, unable to swim the depths of the sea with others of their kind.

In our SEA LIES investigation into UK aquariums, we uncovered:

  • animals being taken directly from the wild to stock aquarium tanks
  • recurring health issues found in animals
  • high numbers of deaths
  • the killing of healthy “surplus” animals
  • breeding programmes only serving to stock SEA LIFE’s tanks
  • only 2.5% of exhibits housing animals belonging to endangered species

Over the week YOU can help us raise awareness of the plight of animals held captive in aquariums. Help us spread the word by taking action!

  • Hold an information stall in your town centre, local library or school
  • Volunteer on a street collection to raise funds for Freedom for Animals’ investigative work to expose aquarium cruelty
  • Demonstrating outside aquariums to educate the public
  • Hold a fundraising event in aid of Freedom for Animals
  • Take online actions sent out by Freedom for Animals over the week of action
  • Write to your local paper about the issues of keeping animals in aquariums
  • Share our campaign on social media

These events can be held in your school, workplace, at home, with friends or on the streets in your town! If you want to get involved email campaigns@captiveanimals.org 

We will supply materials and support to make your event a meaningful one for the animals!

Please join us in speaking up for the forgotten animals who live a life so far from what they would live naturally in the wild.


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