Thank you: Beluga whales arrive safely at sea sanctuary

I can’t believe this day is finally with us.

Instead of our general news report on this, as Campaigns Director at FFA I wanted to write a personal letter to all of our supporters and to animal campaigners around the world.

The arrival of these whales at a sanctuary is not only is a fantastic victory for these whales, but also marks a historic day for anti-captivity worldwide. This achievement shows us that we can create a world where animals are free.

But firstly let’s …

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UPDATE: Sea Life to rehome whales to sanctuary

Our campaign to free the three beluga whales in Shanghai has an end in sight.
The whales will finally be going to the long-promised sanctuary, which is located in Iceland, in Spring 2019.

At Freedom for Animals we have been calling for Sea Life, owned by attraction company Merlin Entertainments, to retire these whales since 2014 after we revealed that they were making the whales perform circus-style shows for crowds at their centre. We launched our SEA LIES campaign, highlighting how the company had tried to distance …

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Take part in our Week of Action for animals in aquariums!

Get involved in our Week of Action for animals in aquariums!

14th – 20th August 2017

Aquatic animals like fish, octopus, crabs and turtles, are largely overlooked in wider campaigns on the zoo industry, however, they are just as deserving of our concern as other sentient beings.

In captivity, their life of the ocean becomes one lived in a tank. A sad existence, unable to swim the depths of the sea with others of their kind.

In our SEA LIES investigation into UK aquariums, we uncovered:

animals being taken directly …

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Jun Jun the beluga whale dies under the care of Merlin Entertainments

It has been five long years since Merlin Entertainment bought Changfeng Ocean World in Shanghai. Five long years of daily ‘shows’ where Jun Jun and her two friends would perform unnatural tricks to entertain crowds at the ‘White Whale Theatre’. Back in 2014 we launched our campaign to encourage Merlin, parent company of SEA LIFE aquariums, to release the belugas to a sanctuary.

JunJun spent 10 years in captivity. At least now she is free from her prison. (Photo screenshot from OceanWorld website)


You may …

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Merlin looks set to continue cruel whale shows

One year on from the launch of the SEA LIES campaign we felt it was about time Freedom for Animals and our concerned supporters had some answers from Merlin Entertainments about the three beluga whales they hold captive in their centre in Shanghai. Following the incredible actions of our supporters over the Easter weekend who took to the streets and online to speak out for the whales, Freedom for Animals sent a letter to Merlin CEO, Nick Varney. The letter outlined a series of questions …

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Join Freedom for Animals & Empty the Tanks: June 6th 2015

Freedom for Animals activists: Are you free to help us raise awareness about the imprisoned belugas on Saturday June 6th?
The worldwide Empty the Tanks Day of Action takes place on June 6th. We are are collaborating with Empty the Tanks and we hope you can support the anti-cetacean captivity protests in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Our leaflets against the whales held captive by Sea Life will be distributed as part of the protests. Please let us know if you can take part in these protests …

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Leaked SEA LIFE statement in response to SEA LIES Easter campaigning

In response to the SEA LIES campaigning over the Easter weekend, SEA LIFE sent internal statements to their centres, instructing staff on how to respond. This was leaked to us by a supporter. What we can see is SEA LIFE continue to repeat the same claims yet their actions do not change.

They claim:

“we believe cetaceans such as whales and dolphins have such strong social bonds, are such wide-ranging and intelligent animals that they are unsuited to any kind of display facility, which also inhibit their …

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SEA LIFE parent company spends millions on roller coaster while whales languish in circus shows

SEA LIFE parent company spends millions on roller coaster while whales languish in circus shows

Yesterday, Merlin Entertainments, the parent company of SEA LIFE aquariums announced its half-year financial results to the world. Proudly boasting of income growth of £30 million, the company has raked in a massive £513 million pounds in just the first six months of the year. The company further promotes a huge £61 million expenditure on its existing attractions, including: a new roller coaster and a new captive penguin display. Meanwhile the three beluga whales held captive in the Shanghai SEA LIFE centre continue to perform in …

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New support for SEA LIES campaign!

New support for SEA LIES campaign!

We are delighted to share these brilliant photos from the Risky Business Drama Group and Media group, who are getting behind the SEA LIES campaign. Here is the message from the group:

We are Risky Business drama group and the Media Group.

We are part of Skillnet Group which supports people with learning difficulties to progess and be equal.

Patrica says “I wanted to take part in this campaign because i didn’t like what i saw when I went to an aquarium. It’s not nice for the animals to …

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Merlin hopes to make “detailed announcement” soon on whale shows

A senior staff member at Merlin Entertainments, the UK company responsible for the daily exploitation of three beluga whales in circus-style shows in its Shanghai centre, has stated that the company is close to making an announcement about the future of the whales. A Freedom for Animals spokesperson said that an announcement to clarify the company’s position would be welcome, but that only an immediate end to the whale shows and a clear and deliverable retirement plan would halt the ongoing campaign.

Whale shows …

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