Sponsored swim for whales

sponosred swim for whalesIn the wild Beluga whales will dive to depths of over 1000 feet to catch fish and swim under huge ice sheets for hours at a time.

Will you take the plunge for whales by joining a sponsored swim?

We’re not expecting you to go swimming in the arctic or hold your breathe for that long! But we hope you will take to the water at one of the Great Swim events or at your local swimming pool near you.

Pick an event, register and start raising sponsorship from friends and family.

The Great Swim

The Great Swim takes place in clean and safe lakes, lochs and docklands around the UK! Choose from four distances to suit you, including 1/2 mile, one mile, two miles and 5k courses. Registration online via the Great Swim website. Once you get your registration email, get in touch and we will send you a sponsorship pack.

Great North Swimlake-swimming
13-15 June 2014

Great East Swim
Saturday 21 June 2014

Great Manchester Swim
Saturday 19 July 2014

Great Scottish Swim
Saturday 23 August 2014

Great London Swim
Saturday 30 August 2014

In your local pool!

If swimming outdoors is a bit too adventurous (or a bit too cold!), how about doing a swim at your local pool? You could do it alone or get a team of you involved doing as many laps as you can or even different sorts of swimming races!

Choose a distance or number of lengths you aim to swim and get your friends and family to sponsor you.

As a swim coach in Huddersfield, long-term supporter Noreen organised a Mini-Swim Event to raise money for Freedom for Animals.

Copy-(2)-of-Swimming-025Her event consisted of regular swimming races and fun-style races including an egg and spoon relay (the eggs were small doggy balls on spoons!), a run with hands on head and an underwater swim. Each of the 20 participants paid a donation to enter and received a chocolate prize!

 “Arranging the event was really quite easy, we just had to put a bit of thought into it. I shall certainly try to raise funds for Freedom for Animals again when I arrange another mini competition towards the end of the year, as some of the swimmers are already asking about it! ”

Nicola will be happy to help you get involved so please drop her email on nicola@captiveanimals.org or call 0845 330 3911



Beluga whale image: Carquinyol from Badalona, CatalunyaValència – Beluga de l’Oceanogràfic

Outdoor swim Photo © Jonny_t Flickr Creative Commons licence