Walk for whales: Walk away from SEA LIFE’s whale cruelty

Walk for whales: Walk away from SEA LIFE’s whale cruelty

CAPS’ campaign to call for an end to SEA LIFE aquarium’s cruel use of beluga whales in three times daily circus shows in the Shanghai SEA LIFE centre was launched six weeks ago. Since then, thousands have joined the call on the company to end the exploitation and retire the whales to safety. To-date those calls have been ignored as the company told Freedom for Animals it sees “no merit” in discussing the whales in Shanghai. The whales continue to perform to up to 6,000 screaming people each day in SEA LIFE’s “Beluga Whale Theatre”.

Walk for whalesIn recent weeks, a number of worried supporters have contacted Freedom for Animals team to raise concerns over the annual Walk for Whales event, organised by a well-respected marine conservation organisation in conjunction with SEA LIFE. The event, which aims to raise vital funds and awareness to seek an end to commercial whaling, consists of a sponsored walk, followed by a free visit to the SEA LIFE aquarium at the end. The event, which is planned for the end of June, has presented a conundrum for those genuinely concerned about the plight of the whales used by SEA LIFE and the conservation of the same animals in the wild. These supporters want to take part and support the good work of the charity, but they do not want to align themselves with the exploitative practices of the aquarium company. Those supporters have approached Freedom for Animals for advice on how best to approach this difficult situation. Our answer is simple:

“Walk away from SEA LIFE whale cruelty”.

Said Freedom for Animals Director, Liz Tyson:

“Our campaign is very much focused on bringing an end to the ongoing, and hypocritical, use of whales by SEA LIFE aquariums and parent company, Merlin Entertainments. We have no desire to impact negatively on genuinely good work being carried out by legitimate conservation groups. However, having been contacted by a number of concerned supporters, we felt it was important for us to clarify our position. It is our view that SEA LIFE’s involvement in an event which seeks to protect cetaceans in their natural home makes a mockery of the important cause which it seeks to champion. A company which exploits whales in daily shows for profit cannot, in our view, pretend to campaign for the protection of the same animals when it suits”.

Freedom for Animals has recommended that those supporters keen to make a difference in the campaign to end commercial whaling carry out sponsored events or awareness-raising activities independent of the planned SEA LIFE walk and visit.

Ms Tyson added:

“Those concerned about the protection of whales are not selective in their compassion; the suffering of cetaceans hunted by commercial whalers should not be balanced against the suffering of whales forced to live in tanks and perform tricks for entertainment. If we are concerned for one, we should be concerned for all”.

Walk away from SEA LIFE whale cruelty

The petition calling upon SEA LIFE to end its whale circus has now surpassed 5,600 signatures. Please add your name if you have not done so already.


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