Video: SEA LIES – One month on

Watch this short video which charts the progress of the SEA LIES campaign during its first month.

2 Comments on "Video: SEA LIES – One month on"

  • Mark Sruoypu says

    Has no one challenged Freedom for Animals about the secret filming and exploitation of these staff members? Not all staff are marine biologists, some of them are just there for customer service working there whilst in education. 16/17 year olds and you’re exploiting their inexperience to fuel your argument? You should be ashamed of yourselves! Last time I checked it was illegal to film people and use that footage without consent.

    CAPS! Incompetent and unprofessional!

    • CAPS says

      Thanks for your comment. We would recommend caution before accusing Freedom for Animals of illegal wrongdoing. This investigation (indeed, all of our investigations) are carried out legally and the footage released was of those staff who are paid to deliver an educational role within Merlin/SEA LIFE. It is therefore, in our view, reasonable to expect that the statements delivered by these members of staff are accurate. The identity of all staff was protected and the filming was taken of talks given to members of the public as part of the “public facing” role. Best wishes, Freedom for Animals

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