Demonstrators demand that SEA LIFE aquariums “Empty the Tanks”

Demonstrators demand that SEA LIFE aquariums “Empty the Tanks”

Two very important events over the weekend have helped to encourage a surge in support for Freedom for Animals’ ongoing SEA LIES campaign, which calls for an end to the cruel exploitation of whales in circus-style shows by UK company SEA LIFE aquariums, which is owned by Merlin Entertainments.

The first was the worldwide “Empty the Tanks” day of action for captive cetaceans; an initiative now in its second year which saw peaceful demonstrations against the use of whales in dolphins in captivity being carried out in a host of different countries, including the UK. Dedicated activists turned out to demo Brighton SEA LIFE centre, and as part of the larger London demonstration, to call on SEA LIFE aquariums to end the daily whale shows in their Shanghai centre. A number of other demos are planned outside SEA LIFE aquariums in the coming weeks.


Demonstrators in Brighton speak out for whales

Said Freedom for Animals Director, Liz Tyson:

“It was wonderful to see people turning out in support of the SEA LIES campaign as part of the Empty the Tanks day of action over the weekend. We are grateful that events like this exist to raise awareness on this important issue and, of course, to all the people that gave up their time to be a voice for the whales and dolphins currently held in aquarium tanks around the world”.

As well as the Empty the Tanks demos being attended by supporters, Freedom for Animals team were at the annual VegFest event in Bristol, which is one of the largest animal-friendly events in the country. Freedom for Animals staff and volunteers spent the weekend sharing information on ongoing campaigns with like-minded people and explained the detail behind the SEA LIES campaign. As a result, the petition demanding that SEA LIFE aquariums bring an immediate end to their cruel whale circus has swelled to almost 5,500 signatures, as well as a number of people taking “cetacean selfies” to show their support.

Said Nicola O’Brien, Freedom for Animals’ Fundraising and Supporter Relations Officer:


Freedom for Animals at VegFest

“The SEA LIES campaign and the plight of the whales exploited by SEA LIFE had a big impact on visitors to the stall at VegFest, with most people shocked and saddened by what they were hearing. What was truly inspiring was how many were eager to take action for the whales by signing the petition, taking literature and even getting involved in our ‘selfies’ for whales!

“Events like this really do connect us to those people out there who care for animals and want to do all they can to protect them. This weekend was no exception!”

To date, SEA LIFE/Merlin continue to make claims that the company is opposed to the keeping of cetaceans in captivity and there is no mention whatsoever of the three times daily whale shows in the company’s Shanghai centre.

You can help us to empty the tanks!

Take a “cetacean selfie” or sign and share the petition



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