SEA LIFE Australia under pressure as SEA LIES campaign spreads around the globe!

On the 4th June, SEA LIFE Aquariums hosted an evening entitled “Whales and Dolphins of the Southern Oceans” at its site in Melbourne, Australia. Touted as an “opportunity to do your bit to help protect the marine environment” and “with 100 per cent of ticket sales going directly towards conservation initiatives”, it presented itself as a great way to spend an evening, whilst helping cetaceans and other marine life.

Melbourne Whale and DolphinBut, despite promoting the experts who would “share the secrets on the dolphin and whale species that inhabit [local] waters” it became clear the aquarium did not intend to share its own cetacean secrets as a guest at the event attempted to gain clarity on SEA LIFE’s use of wild-caught beluga whales in circus-style shows. When asked a series of simple questions, including “Are you aware of SEA LIFE’s stance on whales and dolphins in captivity?” and “What are the plans for the whales that are currently being used in shows in your Shanghai centre?” the member of staff responsible for education failed to answer. Our contact tells us that the SEA LIFE staff member made no offer to provide answers to the questions and it was unclear whether she was unable, or simply unwilling, to discuss the issue.

Ultimately, the questions were noted by the member of staff and taken away for a response at a later date. The Freedom for Animals team waits with interest to see if those answers, which have not been provided so far by SEA LIFE HQ, might be forthcoming from SEA LIFE Australia.

Said Freedom for Animals Director, Liz Tyson:

“It seems that the SEA LIFE approach to dealing with difficult questions is consistent across the globe. SEA LIFE is quick to promote its conservation work and make a lot of noise about marine protection but, when it comes to providing answers to its own treatment of the animals under its care, the silence is deafening”.

In just the last week, actions in Australia and Shanghai to challenge cetacean captivity are putting vital pressure on SEA LIFE to come clean on its continued whale exploitation and put an end to the circus shows for good.

The campaign continues.

Do your bit to end the cruel whale exploitation!


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