Ric O’ Barry: Latest from Shanghai!

Cetacean protector Richard O’Barry went to the SEA LIFE/ Merlin Entertainments owned aquarium in Shanghai today, which holds three beluga whales captive. See Freedom for Animals Facebook entry. When he tried to ask what Merlin’s plans were for the belugas and their retirement, he was asked to leave the building. See the Video with the belugas in the background!

Watch the video here

Merlin Entertainment in Shanghai, China. If I ask questions about the promise to retire these three beluga whales in a sanctuary I am escorted out of the building. Maybe they think I’m a trouble maker.

Posted by Richard O’Barry on Monday, 27 July 2015

This video shows the life these three whales have right NOW, a life swimming in an incredibly small, barren tank in between demeaning shows where they must perform tricks for the public.

Once again, this company REFUSES to answer so they can continue to exploit these whales.

Thank you to Richard for speaking out for these whales! Richard features in the award winning documentary The Cove, is the founder and director of Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project and spends his life campaigning to end cetaceans in captivity.

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