Please support the International Day of Action against Sea Life: End the Shows! Free the Belugas!

Layout 1Merlin Entertainments continue to delay on ending the cruel shows and retiring these three beluga whales. As compassionate anti-captivity activists we must continue to take action until the daily circus-style shows stop. Are YOU free to help us raise awareness about the awful shows the 3 imprisoned belugas are still forced to endure? 

Empty the Tanks annual international protest in June was a great success which saw Freedom for Animals protesters take to London, Manchester and Birmingham to highlight the plight of the belugas. September the 19th will be another chance to tell Merlin we will not tolerate their hypocrisy.

We must keep total pressure on SEA LIFE while the 3 belugas whales are imprisoned and performing for profit in Shanghai, China. These wise and magnificent mammals deserve an immediate end to these embarrassing and vile shows. Merlin bought this aquarium in 2012 and still allow the performances to continue, despite their hypocritical public face of supposed compassion. No animal should be used as a tool for the profiteering purposes of enormous entertainment corporations. We are calling on Merlin to end the public shows immediately.

Contact Freedom for Animals about any campaign materials you may need and ideas you want to share.

Merlin have promised that they will move the belugas to a sanctuary. We need them to act on their empty promises! Their freedom is in our sights. Help us make it a reality!

 If you could take part, that would be great and help us not only to put pressure on Merlin to do the right thing by the whales but also gain some much needed exposure for the campaign. Please join the event page here: Also, if you create an event page for your protest, we can share and help promote it. Just send us an email to the link or post to the main event page via the link above. 




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  • Thomas says

    Its not a very nice thing to do it deserves to be put back were it belongs,

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