New support for SEA LIES campaign!

New support for SEA LIES campaign!

We are delighted to share these brilliant photos from the Risky Business Drama Group and Media group, who are getting behind the SEA LIES campaign. Here is the message from the group:

We are Risky Business drama group and the Media Group.

We are part of Skillnet Group which supports people with learning difficulties to progess and be equal.

Patrica says “I wanted to take part in this campaign because i didn’t like what i saw when I went to an aquarium. It’s not nice for the animals to be stressed as they get ill”

Stewart says “On the video we watched the animals were crowded and did not have enough space.”

Leigh says “I want to see animals be free in the open”

Kev says “Let animals be free”

If you want to join Risky Business in showing your support for the SEA LIES campaign, you can take a “cetacean selfie” too!

IMG_1080 IMG_1078 IMG_1075 IMG_1074 IMG_1071

IMG_0175 IMG_0178 IMG_0180 IMG_0182 IMG_0183 IMG_0184

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