Leaked SEA LIFE statement in response to SEA LIES Easter campaigning

In response to the SEA LIES campaigning over the Easter weekend, SEA LIFE sent internal statements to their centres, instructing staff on how to respond. This was leaked to us by a supporter. What we can see is SEA LIFE continue to repeat the same claims yet their actions do not change.

Internal statement from SEA LIFE ZAW15They claim:

“we believe cetaceans such as whales and dolphins have such strong social bonds, are such wide-ranging and intelligent animals that they are unsuited to any kind of display facility, which also inhibit their use of sonar”.

YET the daily whale shows continue.

They claim:

“The primary objective is always the welfare of the beluga whales”

YET the daily whale shows continue.
One year ago when we launched the campaign Merlin promised to make a statement ‘soon’ about the future of the whales. They claim they have plans to build a sanctuary to retire the whales to. One year on and we hear the same excuses. From a company which brought in income of £1249 million through their attractions worldwide in 2014, it seems that progress is slow.

We are fully aware that relocation to a sanctuary may take some time, but that is absolutely no excuse to continue to use the animals in shows in the meantime, as Merlin has continued to do since the site was purchased in 2012. It makes little sense that Merlin can claim to be “concerned” over the situation of the belugas when it is fully within Merlin’s control to change it.

Looking at the 2014 income for Merlin, we see that last year alone they built six new attractions, new hotels at their theme parks and plan to build seven more in 2015 including a new SEA LIFE centre.

We want to know, as do our supporters, why do the shows continue and why does the potential sanctuary make so little progress that they have nothing to report to the concerned public?

What do you think? Let them know!

UK SEALIFE 0871 423 2110
Merlin head office: +44(0)1202 666900

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