Insider account #2: Killing seahorse babies

Insider account #2: Killing seahorse babies

Despite SEA LIFE’s claims of expertise in seahorse breeding, a member of staff told us that she found dozens of baby seahorses had become trapped in one of the tank’s filtration systems. When they were found more than half were already dead. When the member of staff began to move them to safety in another empty tank a more senior employee said not to bother as they were to be killed because there was neither food nor manpower to look after them. When questioned over why the company was breeding animals it knew it had no resources to care for, the senior member of staff reportedly said that they breed them until the aquariums were full to capacity and then any extra were not needed. It was confirmed that no controls were placed on breeding (e.g. separating male and female) as the business preferred to save space by keeping all animals of the same species in one tank. Seahorse1small SEA LIFE promotes its endangered seahorse breeding programme widely, saying “The project, to breed and protect these beautiful sea creatures is one of our major commitments to conservation”. No seahorses are released to the wild by SEA LIFE and youngsters are, according to the insider, regularly killed. Senior staff reportedly refused to tell the employee how the animals would be killed.

What you can do!

  • Boycott businesses owned by Merlin Entertainments:

– Sea Life Aquariums
– Chessington World of Adventures
– London Dungeons
– Legoland Resorts
– The London Eye (and other “Eye” attractions)
– Madame Tussauds

  • Sign the petition to call for the release three wild-caught beluga whales from this company’s control!
  • Write a polite email to the CEO of Merlin to raise your concerns over their treatment of animals. Email: Your email could cover the following issues:

– Animals being caught from the wild to stock Sea Life tanks;
– The continued use of wild-caught beluga whales in circus style shows in the Shanghai Sea Life centre;
– Serious animal welfare concerns for animals including sharks, seahorses and penguins.

  • Donate to support the SEA LIES campaign!

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