Insider account #10: Alleged Gentoo penguin death at SEA LIFE Birmingham

Insider account #10: Alleged Gentoo penguin death at SEA LIFE Birmingham

The Gentoo penguin enclosure at the Sea Life centre in Birmingham, which opened in March 2014, is of concern. The enclosure originally housed 12 penguins but a few weeks after opening, an insider alleges that one of the penguins swam into one of the underwater viewing panels and died.

Newly opened penguin exhibit of concern


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  • Jane Wallin says

    Is this Birmingham. Alabama or Birmingham, UK?

    • Nicola O'Brien says


    • Nicola O'Brien says

      Caps’ activists: Are you free to help us raise awareness about the imprisoned belugas on Saturday June 6th?

      A worldwide Empty the Tanks Day of Action launches on June 6th from London and the USA. We are are collaborating with Empty the Tanks and we hope you can support our Sea Life anti-captivity protests in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Please let us know if you can plan a protest at these or any of the other Sea Life centres in the country listed from their website:

      We must keep pressure on Merlin/Sea Life in the UK while they remain in constant public denial of their hypocrisy about the 3 belugas imprisoned for profit in Shanghgai.

      SEA LIFE is owned by Merlin Entertainments, the second largest visitor attraction operator in the world, famous for their theme parks and attractions. One of their biggest claims is that they believe no cetacean (whale, dolphin or porpoise) should be held captive, and in fact claim they campaign to end such practices. Merlin own an aquarium operating as part of the SEA LIFE brand which holds these three beluga whales, all of whom are forced to perform daily to crowds in circus-style shows.

      We are calling on Merlin to end the public shows and invest some of their multimillion pound profits into building a sanctuary for these poor whales; to show some compassion to these beautiful creatures and stop this public torment!

      Please let us know if you are free on 06/06/15 to join or organise a protest.
      Contact Freedom for Animals asap about any campaign materials you may need and ideas you want to share.

      Thank you.

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