Insider account #1: Weekly deliveries of wild-caught animals

Insider account #1: Weekly deliveries of wild-caught animals

SEA LIFE’s Weymouth centre receives large quantities of wild-caught fish in weekly deliveries, Freedom for Animals has been told by a former employee. The fish are caught for the aquarium trade from delicate wild habitats including the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, where one of SEA LIFE’s major suppliers operates from. Two major fish suppliers were used with dozens of fish arriving weekly.

As part of its education work, SEA LIFE tells visitors that they can help to protect coral reefs, telling them: “Don’t touch anything if you go snorkelling and never buy products made from coral or other marine creatures”.

Coral Reef

SEA LIFE tells visitors not to buy coral reef creatures

The insider told us that in a three week period, the Weymouth centre received six deliveries of wild-caught fish from two different suppliers; Cairns Marine and TMC.

The company fails to mention that they regularly pay companies to remove marine animals from coral reefs.

Other deliveries are taken from UK-based fishermen, it was reported. Species including rays, crabs, oysters and urchins are delivered, said the whistleblower. Some are used to feed other fish. Despite removing rays from the sea, SEA LIFE fails to mention this in its education pack which highlights the threats to rays caused by fishing and tells visitors not to eat ray species.


SEA LIFE take rays caught by local fishermen

During the initial Freedom for Animals investigation, the investigator was told by numerous staff that no animals were ever taken from the wild. Others admitted that some were, but implied it was in exceptional circumstances. An insider told Freedom for Animals that the only animal captive bred at the Weymouth site were jellyfish and seahorses.

What you can do!

  • Read and share the full SEA LEAKS report.
  • Boycott businesses owned by Merlin Entertainments:

– Sea Life Aquariums
– Chessington World of Adventures
– London Dungeons
– Legoland Resorts
– The London Eye (and other “Eye” attractions)
– Madame Tussauds

  • Sign the petition to call for the release three wild-caught beluga whales from this company’s control!
  • Write a polite email to the CEO of Merlin to raise your concerns over their treatment of animals. Email: Your email could cover the following issues:

– Animals being caught from the wild to stock Sea Life tanks;
– The continued use of wild-caught beluga whales in circus style shows in the Shanghai Sea Life centre;
– Serious animal welfare concerns for animals including sharks, seahorses and penguins.

  • Donate to support the SEA LIES campaign!



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