Can you provide vital information to help the SEA LIES campaign?

Can you provide vital information to help the SEA LIES campaign?

We are beginning to receive reports from former employees and volunteers from SEA LIFE aquariums who share our concerns over animal welfare. Our organisation is well-versed in working with whistleblowers and we treat all information provided to us with sensitivity. Anyone coming forward with information can choose to remain completely anonymous.

If you have any concerns or information regarding any SEA LIFE aquarium, please contact us directly on or by using the contact form on this website.

This can provide vital information for the ongoing campaign.

Thank you.

5 Comments on "Can you provide vital information to help the SEA LIES campaign?"

  • Dave eulcaton says

    So, from your videos and reports it’s quite clear to see the minimal amount of research by your “organisation”! Assumptions are not a valid firm of “research” just so you know! You are an embarrassment to the fight you are putting forward which is why most people don’t care for your “campaign”. If any if you had a brain cell between you, you would actually be dangerous!

    • CAPS says

      Dear Dave, Thanks for your comments. It is clear you do not support the campaign but we are delighted that, after just a few days, it has already fostered support from thousands of people. We expect that support to continue grow. If you have any specific concerns that the information published is inaccurate, then we would be happy to amend anything that can be shown to be incorrect. It is not our intention (or indeed in any way in our interest) to publish inaccurate information and we do all we can to verify the facts before putting them into the public domain. We have approached Merlin/SEA LIFE for comment and are awaiting a response. Best wishes, Freedom for Animals

  • CAPS says

    Dear Bill,
    Thanks for your comments. Far from harassing members of staff, this post was put up in response to those current and former employees who have begun to come forward with testimony about their experiences of working at SEA LIFE. We have worked with whistleblowers for many years and it is important to us to let those who want to speak out know that their concerns will be dealt with sensitivity and in confidence. Rather than detract from the campaign, information from those working within the industry is not only useful, but vital to move the issue forward. Hope this answers your questions, Freedom for Animals

  • Phil says

    You say you dont harrass employees, yet your secret filming of Sea-life staff shown in your youtube videos would suggest otherwise. In your report you ridicule answers given to you by Sea-life staff and used these answers to fight your corner. Sea-life employees are not all marine biologists! Some staff are employed to give the customers a good experience and entertain them doing presentations and delivering talks. The staff that are on hand around the centres probably know very little about the brand and merlin. The fact that you use their inexperience and them being put on the spot to fuel your side of the argument is disgusting!

    The number of people signing the petition are shooting up but be careful at this rate people may start taking this campaign seriously!

    • CAPS says

      Thanks for your comment. The footage released was of those staff who are paid to deliver an educational role within Merlin/SEA LIFE. It is therefore, in our view, reasonable to expect that the statements delivered by these members of staff are accurate. The identity of all staff was protected and the filming was taken of talks given to members of the public as part of the “public facing” role. Best wishes, Freedom for Animals

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