Is SEA LIFE beginning to bow to pressure?

Up until yesterday, several websites belonging to UK SEA LIFE centres claimed that, as well as being fundamentally opposed to the keeping of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) in captivity, the company was also actively campaigning for a ban on dolphinariums in Europe. Since Freedom for Animals exposed SEA LIFE’s secret cetacean circus in Shanghai on Friday, references to the SEA LIFE’s support for a ban have quietly been removed from all but one of the websites which previously proclaimed:

Cetacean policy

Various SEA LIFE websites claimed to be campaigning for a ban on dolphinariums

“SEA LIFE is supporting the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society’s campaign to put an end to dolphinariums… we would urge you to lend your support too…”

Scarborough SEA LIFE centre is the only remaining UK site which continues to reference its role in the campaign to end European dolphinariums.

This suggests that SEA LIFE may be bowing to the demands of the thousands compassionate people who have signed the SEA LIES petition, which has surpassed 3,100 signatures in just six days. This is a great first step, but it is nowhere near far enough.

Ban support removed

Today, references to support for a ban on dolphinariums have been removed but claims of opposition to cetacean captivity remain.

Statements remain on seven SEA LIFE websites that the company is opposed to the keeping of cetaceans in captivity; albeit now without reference to any active role in campaigning for an end to the cruel practice. Most importantly, the whales continue to perform to screaming crowds every day in the Shanghai SEA LIFE centre.

We must continue to make it clear that the exploitation cannot continue.

Please make sure that you have signed and shared the petition. Together, we are starting to make a difference!


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Freedom for Animals contacted Merlin/SEA LIFE yesterday in order to request a formal meeting to discuss our concerns. We are awaiting a response and will keep supporters updated.

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